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In Pakistan, farmers often face challenges in crop cultivation due to unreliable electricity availability and high electricity rates for watering their crops. This uncertainty can lead to delays in irrigation, affecting crop yields and farmer profits. However, solar tube wells offer a solution to this problem. A solar tubewell is a system that uses solar energy to power water pumps, providing uninterrupted electricity throughout the day without any electricity bills. By harnessing solar power, farmers can overcome their dependency on conventional electricity and ensure consistent irrigation for their crops. The solar tubewell price in Pakistan varies depending on the horsepower of the pump, with smaller systems starting at around Rs.520,000. However, as the horsepower increases, so does the price. In this article, we’ll talk about the different prices of solar tubewells. Also, we’ll explore the costs from cheaper options to more expensive ones, helping farmers understand what they get for their money.

Moreover, the introduction of solar tube well installation services further facilitates farmers in adopting this sustainable technology. These services encompass the entire process of installing solar tube wells, from site assessment to system design and implementation. Additionally, they often include maintenance and troubleshooting support, ensuring seamless operation of the solar tube well system.

What’s Solar Tubewell?


A solar tubewell, also called a solar-powered water pump or solar irrigation system, is a technology that uses solar energy to pump water from underground sources like wells or boreholes. It provides a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional pumps powered by diesel or electricity commonly used in agriculture for irrigation or water supply.

In rural areas without electricity, solar tubewells provide a reliable water source. They’re easy to maintain or even maintenance-free, making them perfect for remote areas. These systems can be installed to meet irrigation needs and other water requirements in such places.

Estimate load through this table:

Solar system size(Solar system)

Estimated price range

                     1kW Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 85,000
                     2kW Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 1,70,000
                     3kW Rs. 1,89,000 to Rs. 2,15,000
                     4kW Rs. 2,52,000 to Rs. 2,85,000
                     5kW Rs. 3,15,000 to Rs. 3,57,000
                     10KW Rs. 5,31,000 to Rs. 6,07,000


Subsidy applicable

Subsidy rate by CM Punjab solar  scheme

Rs. 18,000 Rs. 57,000 to Rs. 67,000
Rs. 18,000 x 2=  Rs.36,000 Rs. 1,14,000 to Rs. 1,34,000
Rs. 18,000 x 3=  Rs.54,000 Rs. 1,35,000 to Rs. 1,61,000
Rs. 18,000 x 3 +1 x 9000 =  Rs.63,000 Rs. 1,89,000 to Rs. 2,22,600
Rs. 18,000 x 3 +2 x 9000 =  Rs.72,000 Rs. 2,43,000 to Rs. 2,85,000

The Punjab Government’s Solar Tubewell Scheme Pakistan 2024

Solar Tubewell Price In Pakista-min

Punjab, known as the main farming area in Pakistan, contributes about 80% of the country’s total agricultural earnings. To support farmers and landowners in improving their irrigation methods and boosting crop yields, the Punjab government has launched a solar tubewell scheme. Here are the key points of the Solar Tubewell Pakistan scheme:

  • The government will cover 80% of the installation costs.
  • Farmers and landowners with less than 12.5 acres of land are eligible for the scheme.
  • This scheme applies to farming land where groundwater is located between 50 to 80 feet below the surface.

20 HP Solar Tubewell Price In Pakistan

The price of a 20 HP solar tubewell in Pakistan typically falls around Rs. 335,000/-. This system efficiently draws water from underground sources using solar power. The setup includes a durable stainless steel submersible pump, ensuring reliability over time. With its capacity to pump water quickly and efficiently, it’s ideal for agricultural and domestic water needs. Keep in mind, however, that the final cost might vary based on installation requirements and optional features. For the most accurate price customized to your specific needs, it’s best to consult with suppliers or manufacturers.

25 HP Solar Tubewell Price In Pakistan

25 hp Solar Tubewell Price In Pakistan can vary depending on various factors such as brand, additional components, installation costs, and geographical location. However, for the Submersible Pump component, the approximate price in Pakistan is Rs. 460,000/-. For the most accurate and comprehensive pricing information, it is recommended to consult with local suppliers or retailers.

10 HP Solar Tubewell Price In Pakistan

In Pakistan, if you need a powerful solar tubewell pump for a large piece of land, a 10-HP one is recommended. It can effectively pump water for irrigation. The 10 HP solar tubewell price in Pakistan varies depending on the chosen mounting structure and additional features. The base price for this pump is around Rs. 1,420,000 and it comes with 18 solar panels, an 11 kW VFD, and an L2 mounting structure. However, if you prefer a pole mounting structure instead, the price goes up to Rs. 1,820,000. This pump is designed to handle the irrigation needs of extensive land areas.

4 Inch Solar Tubewell Price In Pakistan

The 4 Inch Solar tube well is a smaller and more economical option compared to larger models. It’s suitable for smaller land areas or where less water is needed for irrigation. The average 4 Inch Solar Tube well Price In Pakistan is around Rs. 259,999, but it can vary depending on factors such as brand, specifications, and additional features. However, it generally offers a more affordable solution for farmers or landowners with limited water requirements.

5 HP Solar Tubewell Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, many farmers use 5-HP solar tubewell pumps because they provide enough power for most farms, except very large ones. To set up one of these pumps, you’ll need 10 solar panels, each producing 545 watts, plus a 5 kW Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and the right mounting gear. The 5HP Solar Tubewell Price in Pakistan starts at Rs. 790,000 and can go up to Rs. 1,080,000 if you add extra mounting equipment like poles. With a regular mounting structure, it’s Rs. 790,000, and with a pole, it’s Rs. 1,080,000.


The tube well solar system price in Pakistan varies depending on factors like horsepower, starting from Rs. 259,999 for smaller systems to Rs. 1,420,000 and so on for larger ones. Similarly, solar water pump price in Pakistan can vary on different options, with government support available. Also, solar motor pumps are changing farming practices by providing reliable and affordable water supply solutions. Additionally, solar financing Pakistan makes solar technology more accessible, supporting sustainable development and environmental conservation efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is There Any Government Subsidy For Solar Tubewell?

Yes, the Government of Punjab has introduced a solar tube well scheme to support farmers and landowners in enhancing their irrigation methods and increasing crop yields. With, the Punjab government solar tube well scheme, the government provides funds covering 80% of the installation charges for solar tubewells.

  1. How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For A Tubewell?

For a 3 HP solar tubewell, you would typically need approximately 6 solar panels, each with a capacity of 500 watts, to efficiently power the tubewell. However, the number of solar panels required may vary with different horsepower ratings.

  1. What Components Are Included In The Price Of A Solar Tubewell In Pakistan?

The price of a solar tubewell in Pakistan typically includes components such as solar panels, a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), mounting structures, and other necessary equipment. Additionally, installation costs and any applicable taxes or fees may also be included in the overall price.